Theodore Roosevelt Scholarship

Background Information:
The mission of Dickinson State University's Theodore Roosevelt Scholars Leadersihp Program is to enhance the leadership qualities of the Theodore Roosevelt Scholars thereby, enhancing the leadership potential of the entire student body.  For centuries, American liberal arts colleges have prepared graduates for positions of leadership.  It has become clear however, that the focus on leadership must be intensified.  The Theodore Roosevelt Scholars Leadership Program provides a systematic study of leadership concepts, as well as the study of leadership within academic discipline.

Good leadership makes organizational and individual success possible.  Students will learn about the qualities and practices of effective organizational leadership and about facilitation and coping with change.  Dickinson State University's Theodore Scholars Leadership program is dedicated to building a basic and practical understanding of leadership and change.

The leadership program curriculum will include a collection of courses geared towards developing leadership skills, critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills, technical skills, and decision making skills.  Participants will focus on developing the skills that will allow them to live, learn, and lead in our ever changing, global economy.

Graduates of this program wil have a distinct advantage when they pursue graduate school options or enter the workforce.
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